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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update 0.1.3

By November 12, 2018No Comments

The Rite of Terror has ended. Citizens of Revn are busy cleaning the streets and recovering from a fortnight of fearsome frivolities. The great factions, however, have not forgotten their grudges against one another, and continue to recruit mercenaries for the coming conflict…

Update 0.1.3 is here. We are continuing to adjust movement variables, and we’ve added drone-sprinting and mouse-sensitivity settings. You will also find some changes to objective and raw resource placement in Small Map. Here are the full patch notes:

  1. Added mouse sensitivity settings. They can be found in Settings: Gameplay. By default, sensitivity is set to 45, and has a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 200.
  2. Added “sprint” mechanic to drones. Hold L-Shift to move very fast in any direction!
  3. Improved muzzle flash placement for:
    1. Long Barrel
    2. Medium Shotgun Barrel
    3. Short Barrel
    4. Short Shotgun Barrel
    5. Sniper Barrel
  4. Added more placeholder “buildings” to Small Map
  5. Host-player (server) can now see player usernames as part of HUD health bar. Working on getting this feature to work for clients
  6. Changed projectile mesh back to bolt projectile instead of skull mesh because the Rite of Terror has ended.
  7. Increased character movement acceleration and deceleration from 600 to 1200
  8. Adjusted collision settings on Character hitboxes, might fix unpredictable bouncing when characters walk into each other
  9. Increased base speed for characters from 300 to 400
  10. HUD character velocity display now rounds velocity to nearest integer, which looks cleaner
  11. Created RV3 Receiver
    1. Damage 4.75
    2. RoF 500
    3. Capacity 4
  12. Created RV4 Receiver
    1. Damage 4.75
    2. RoF 400
    3. Capacity 4
  13. Changed Standard Magazine size from 15 to 20
  14. Deleted pumpkins from Tutorial map
  15. Deleted pumpkins from Small Map
  16. Archived Helm of the Pumpkin God
  17. Reworked placement of objectives on Small Map
  18. Reworked placement of raw resources on Small Map

Known Issues introduced in this patch:

  1. Tutorial map “neutral” crafting table appears to be broken in Update 0.1.3. Any crafting table that a player builds seems to work, though. We are working on a fix.

Join us for the weekly community playtest tomorrow at 5 pm EST! Thank you to all of our closed alpha testers, your bug reports and suggestions are what drive these updates!