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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update 0.1.4

By November 19, 2018No Comments

This week, our developers are taking some time off to spend with family and friends, and many of us are traveling. We will still be available on Discord to answer your questions, however bug fixes will take a little longer to finish.

We want to leave you with some new content this week in the form of the Hermes leg armor. Thanks to “theeliteboss771” for suggesting the name for this gear piece. Keep reading for the full details for Update 0.1.4.

  1. Began prototyping keybinding settings menu. Does not work yet.
  2. Implemented volume sliders in Audio Settings menu for Master Volume, Music Volume, and SFX Volume.
  3. Added Hermes Leg Armor. Activate the armor’s ability to double your character movement speed!
  4. Fixed bug where tutorial armory wouldn’t let players access it
  5. Possible fix for client players staying in build mode after recalling drone if they had an object previewed in drone view
  6. Clients can now see other players’ usernames when looking at them
  7. Added alternate keybinding for Weapon Swap / Building Preview Swap: use PageUp / PageDown to change weapons or build preview, or continue using the scroll wheel
  8. Created a killfeed (only works for host player at the moment)