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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update 0.1.5

By November 26, 2018No Comments

Our development team took a break this past week to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family. However, I still found some down time to work on Revn, and so Update 0.1.5 is ready for Monday as usual. While small, 0.1.5 includes a few important changes. Gun mod “syncing” is no longer part of the game. All gun mods are considered unlocked immediately. This is in response to feedback we received from alpha testers, and a general consensus from the dev team that the syncing system does not add much to overall gameplay. In the future, we may rework the sync system and re-implement it, but we have no plans to do so at this time. Here are the full patch notes:

  1. Disabled “Mod Sync / Download” mechanic. Gun mods no longer need to be “synced” in order to be equipped.
    1. As a result, gun mod sync / queue UI has been removed
  2. Implemented “Critical Multiplier” as a gun stat. Weapons can now have critical multipliers different from the default of “2x”
  3. Added the “Dead Eye Iron Sights” scope mod
  4. Added a -40% critical multiplier stat to all shotgun barrels
  5. Added a +10% critical multiplier stat to sniper barrel
  6. Killfeed now works on all players (host and clients)
  7. Killfeed now displays killer, in the format of “Player A killed Player B”
  8. Added “TimeToEquip” stat for guns, all barrels have this stat as the baseline. While weapons are in the process of being equipped, they cannot be fired
  9. Added animation for swapping weapons to Anim Blueprint, player will go into the “riot shield anim” as a placeholder for when he is “examining weapon” while waiting for “TimeToEquip” to elapse
  10. Changed Damage Stat on Rail Receiver to 30
  11. Changed FalloffIncrement on Rail Receiver from -7 to 200

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