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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update Resource Gathering Rework

By January 28, 2019No Comments

In Update 0.3.4, we are reworking resource gathering and adding splash damage for some weapon mods. In the new resource gathering system, players will place drills on active resource zones, protect them, and their entire team will be rewarded with a large deposit of resources when the drill finishes its cycle. Empty zones are indicated by a red arrow, active zones have a blue arrow, and zones with an active drill will have a green arrow and a cone shaped object to represent the drill. Drills can be destroyed by enemy players, which will prevent the other team from gathering those resources. Each active drill also grants a passive Metal income of +1. The main objective with drills, however, is to get the larger deposits at the end of the drill cycle.

Here are the full patch notes for Update 0.3.4:

  1. Adjusted outer wall placement on LaneMap to close up some gaps
  2. Started prototyping collectible resource system with Drills.
    1. Game Mode will Fill one random zone every 30 seconds
    2. Filled zones will place a drill when a player walks within radius.
    3. Drills are fort objects and thus destructible.
    4. Resource Drills now grant a passive +1 to team metal income when they become operational, and they deduct 1 from team metal income when destroyed
    5. Drills now have a “drilling” timer, when timer is up, all players on team receive a deposit of resources determined by a variable stored by the Zone and then the drill is destroyed.
    6. Two resource zones are filled at match start.
    7. Replaced “raw resource zones” in LaneMap with Collectible Resource Zones
  3. Increased SniperBarrel metal cost to 100
  4. Increased LongBarrel metal cost to 80
  5. Increased LongShotgunBarrel metal cost to 80
  6. Created splash damage weapon stat. Added it to Heavy Rocket Barrel (“cannon” barrel) and created new “Single Shot Explosive Magazine”
  7. Team state now spawns waves of “universal” minions every 60 seconds, there is a limit of 20 universal minions per team.
    1. Universal minions will either move towards the enemy objective, or towards the friendly objective to defend it.
  8. Squad Command UI now displays number of Unlinked Minions as UI element
  9. Lowered objective capture rate from 10 points / sec to 2 points / sec. PointsNeededToCapture (MeterMax) is still 100
  10. Reworked player character cosmetics into a new sub menu temporarily accessed through the armor crafting menu.
    1. Plan is for this menu to only be accessed from the main menu or from the lobby, but for testing purposes it is currently accessible from within a gameplay match
    2. Players can choose colors for their characters’s armor, utilizing Primary, Secondary, and additional slots, to create unified color schemes for all their gear. Currently, only one slot has been implemented (Primary)
    3. Players can choose skins for their character’s gear. This will include an undetermined number of slots. Currently, only the helmet slot can be changed.
      1. A new helmet skin, the Ridge Horn Helmet, has been added to the game to help test this new system.
  11. Reworked character meshes to be fully modular. This may have unforeseen impacts on hitboxes and animations, so keep an eye out for bugs related to this!

The community playtest for  Revn will be on Wednesday, January 30th, at 5:00 pm EST. See you in Revn!

Silas Talley, Creative Director