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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update 0.4.5

By July 14, 2019No Comments

New patch, new stuff. Check it out:

  1. Redesigned map layout for No Lane Map.
  2. Turret enemy detection reworked from the ground up to be more reliable
  3. Scaled down turret agro beam width.
  4. Adjusted rate of fire, damage, and radius of detection for turrets
  5. Fort object previews no longer block projectiles
  6. Character secondary color slots are now saved to your account and retained when restarting the game or launching into a match.
  7. Solved several bugs related to helmet and color cosmetic choices being over ridden or forgotten by the account server.
  8. Resource terminals can now be hacked by minions
  9. Selecting a command from the minion squad command wheel will now close the command wheel.
  10. Squad minions now adjust their color to be RED or BLUE for ENEMY or ALLY
  11. Squad Minions should now use the ANGRY LED materials
  12. Improved “How To Win” text in “Escape Menu”
  13. Squad Minions now strafe while in combat
  14. New “wrist rocket / dart” fire animation for Chilling Blast and Poison Dart abilities
  15. New pistol reload animation (work in progress)
  16. Squad Minion perception to 360 degree cone of vision (no more blind spots)
  17. New “Rush Respawn” system. Spend 200 Metal to respawn instantly and avoid waiting for a respawn timer.
  18. Renamed “Damage Resistance” to “Armor”
  19. Lobby now shows that Lane Map is (old) and No Lane Map is (new). We will not be updating Lane Map for a while. Current focus is on No Lane Map.

Thank you for being a part of the Revn closed alpha. If you don’t have a key, sign up here.