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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By July 22, 2019No Comments
Patch notes are here for Update 0.4.6!
  1. Demolishing a building (using drone) will now refund the purchase cost to the builder
  2. Removed Lane Map from lobby map roster
  3. Improved squad minion AI
  4. Added “Barrage Turret” – fires a volley of rockets to deal AoE damage
  5. Fixed Splash Damage from weapons not working
  6. Heavy Rocket Barrel splash radius increased to 2 meters (was 1 meter).
  7. Explosive Projectile Impacts are now scaled up to match the splash radius
  8. Minions now aim down sights
  9. Improved orbital strike ability
    1. Improved “targeting visualizer” for orbital strike
    2. Increased targeting range of Orbital Laser to 4000 (was 2000).
    3. Orbital Laser targeting now snaps to ground / surface instead of floating mid air
  10. Prototyped Medic Minion. Heals player or other minions in your squad for 20 health every 5 seconds.
  11. Improved squad management UI and added descriptions for minion classes.
  12. Basic minion metal cost now 50 (was 25), Medic is 75, Heavy Siege is 100
  13. Added a Toggle HUD button (Press “U” to turn HUD on / off)
  14. Gun names are now limted to 20 characters
  15. Increased health of Destructible objective to 1000 health (was 100)

Want to take prettier screenshots? 0.4.6 adds a “toggle HUD” button. Press “U” to toggle your HUD on / off