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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By October 7, 2019No Comments

This is our first patch after TwitchCon 2019. Thank you for your patience as we’ve been getting back into development. We’re making good progress on our roadmap goals for October. This patch lays most of the groundwork for Replays and Loadouts. We also made sure to include some of the features most commonly requested by the community: a full screen map, and swapping players between teams in the Lobby.

  1. Rough prototype for Replay system. Better UI coming soon.
  2. Local player health bar color changed to green.
  3. Main Menu now has a countdown to the next playtest
  4. Improved the Discord Rich Presence integration (bug fixes)
  5. Rage ability now tagged as “Defense”
  6. Removed the Store tab from main menu (temporarily)
  7. Some prototype Loadout UI has been added. Loadouts should be functional in next week’s patch.
  8. Damage Overload now automatically turns off instead of killing the player
  9. Removed Resurrect, Flamethrower, and EMP Wave abilities from the game until they get bug fixes.
  10. New ability and item icons
  11. Fixed bug where rushing respawn (for 200 Metal) before the Player Controller had called Start Spectating would cause the player to respawn and then be forced to spectate indefinitely.
  12. Added text to the Death Screen widget that says “You are spectating Player X”
  13. Made changes to what weapon receiver mods (“core modes”) are available, removed some of the less powerful ones.
  14. Bug fixes for Lobby chat window
  15. Moved the “clear filters” button in crafting UI
  16. Host player can now swap players between teams in the Lobby
  17. Reduced radius of Resource terminal’s hacking collision
  18. Increased recall time from 5 seconds to 8 seconds.
  19. Lifesteal passive no longer gains health from damaging non-character actors.
  20. Added tiers up to 5 for abilities that didn’t have them before. Also renamed a lot of tiered abilities to have the same naming convention
  21. Added “full screen map” toggle. Press “M” to toggle between Full Map and Mini Map
  22. Created a variant heavy cannon barrel gun mod for Heavy Minions that doesn’t reduce mobility. Solves issue where Heavy Minions walked / ran slower than other minions
  23. Added upgrade tiers for Double Jump and Lifesteal passives
  24. Adjusted position of Nexus in City Map