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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By October 14, 2019No Comments

Some highlights from this patch: Replay viewing is here (although certainly buggy). Ability crafting is now restricted by loadouts. Lots of bug fixes, and hopefully some optimization improvements. Full patch notes:

  1. Placeholder art added to the Nexus that expands how much space it takes up on ground
  2. Replay Browser and Replay Viewer added
  3. Loadouts System now restricts what abilities a player can craft during a match
  4. Added Armor Enhancer Panel fort object (boosts Armor by 10 for any players standing on it)
  5. Lighting and Fog optimization in City Map
  6. UI improvements for Spectating. Players can now cycle through all of their team mates while spectating and waiting to respawn
  7. Audio settings are now actually saved when restarting the game
  8. Rate of fire has been adjusted for all weapons and parts. Barrels now have the primary rate of fire stat, while Cores have a percentage modifier for Rate of Fire
  9. Heavy Cannon Barrel Splash damage increased to 10 (was 8)
  10. Fixed bug where Lobby “swap player team” button didn’t work
  11. Dead players will appear on the minimap as an “X”
  12. Fixed where Terminal doesnt refill with resources (Happens when 2 opposing players are standing next to terminal with a drill, and one of the players destroys the drill.)
  13. Added Progress Rewards page. After a match ends, players will see how much ELO they gained or lost, and what their Mastery XP progress is
  14. Improved UI for recording replays
  15. Improved UI for choosing role in Lobby
  16. New keybinding settings UI. Should actually save your custom keybinds when restarting the game
  17. Improved some loading screen UI (added border to hints box)
  18. Removed customize appearance from armor crafting menu. Players will need to customize their appearance from the main menu before joining a match now.
  19. Fixed weird blurring in escape menu
  20. Cleaned up some old assets, so the install size of the game will shrink from 3.3 GB to 3.2 GB