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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update 0.5.5

By October 21, 2019No Comments

We’ve released Update 0.5.5. It fixes a lot of bugs, and adds a couple of limited time seasonal cosmetic helmets for players to purchase with the Coins they’ve earned.

We’re also excited to announce our first Content Creator Partner, JustinJ. Justin has been regularly streaming Revn, and always has great insights into the game. You can show your support for his channel in game with a spray, unlocked with code JUSTINJ. And check out his channel on Twitch:



And now, for the patch notes:

  1. Player can no longer recall if they take damage.
  2. Fixed some bugs related to dying and recalling
  3. Camera in lobby is back on rails
  4. Fixed bug where Replay Browser couldn’t find any replays
  5. Increased distance that weapon SFX can be heard from
  6. Fixed bugs in Loadout System
  7. Players are now given default loadouts (Tank, DPS, Caster) that can be modified and changes are saved to your account.
    1. Renaming loadouts has been disabled temporarily
    2. Creating new loadouts has been disabled temporarily
  8. Brought back the Cosmetics Store with some new offerings
  9. Created “Constructor Matrix” passive item (gain an extra 1 metal / second, pauses for 20 seconds if taking damage)
  10. Created SMG weapon frame (“barrel”).
  11. Increased bullet speed of Handcannon frame.
  12. Walking through an Armor Enhancer Panel fort object will now grant a 30 second minor armor buff
  13. Fixed bug where walls could be built in the same space as force field walls
  14. Improved UI for Skin Store
  15. Two new seasonal cosmetics are available for a limited time.
  16. Fixed bugs with auto-record replay setting
  17. Increased agro range for all turrets to 5000 (was 4000)
  18. Fixed bug where Client doesn’t get “ELO adjustment” variable
  19. Reworked Rocket Cannon Barrel. Has 5 ammo instead of 1. Has lower damage.
  20. Fixed alignment of tooltips for weapon mods
  21. Renamed medium barrel -> Assault Rifle, sniper barrel -> Sniper Rifle
  22. Renamed Heavy Resistance Plating to “Exo Plating”
  23. Doubled drone tether length
  24. Improved UI for hacking terminals
  25. New ability icons
  26. Fixed holes in the map

We’ll see you on Wednesday and Saturday at 7 PM EST for the community playtests!