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Hey everyone!

I want to give a report on our progress towards Milestone 6.

Right now, we have prototypes for all three of our roadmap goals: replays, loadouts, and a gun overhaul. However, there is still work to be done on these systems.

Replays can be recorded, but need UI bugfixes before they can be watched properly.

Loadouts are working, and today’s patch should solve the bugs we’ve found so far. Additional features such as renaming, deleting, and creating new loadouts for your account are coming later.

The weapon overhaul is underway, and we’ve released a new weapon, the carbine / SMG. The rocket launcher has been reworked to deal less damage but has a larger ammo capacity.

Today’s patch also introduces a major change to weapon crafting: compatible part limitations. Previous to update 0.5.6, any weapon mod could be combined with any other mods and applied to any weapon. Now, weapons are classified as “frames”. Frames have a set of Cores that will modify rate of fire, automatic fire mode, burst fire mode, and other behavior. Each Core has a set of compatible magazines / ammo mods.

In other news, target minimum specs have been chosen for Revn. While subject to change, here are the PC specs we expect will be required to play Revn:

  • i5 CPU, 2016 or newer
  • GPU with 2 GB of VRAM, such as a GTX 940m
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • Enough hard drive space to install the game. Right now, Revn uses less than 4 GB of hard drive space, but we expect this to increase as we add more skins and content to the game.

To optimize the game, we are committing to testing every patch on a PC with these specs. Several patches ago, we released a patch that severely impacted frame rates for all players. Since then, we’ve gotten frame rates back up to where they used to be. We want to have a clear understanding of how every patch will impact performance on player machines.

We are planning Milestone 7, and we will post a new roadmap when we have those plans finalized. Until then, thank you for the continued support and feedback.