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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By October 28, 2019No Comments

This week’s patch has a lot of UI improvements, and a major overhaul of weapon modding. There are also new buffs to be found in the Rogue AI camps and by building Enhancer Panels. Continue reading for all the details.

  1. Fixed UI for Loadout Browser clipping off the “Edit” button in lobby
  2. Fixed bug where grenades would spawn at the wrong time during the toss animation
  3. New HUD icons for Health, Shields, and Energy
  4. Loadout Editor slots and offerings now have tooltips
  5. Killfeed has been overhauled. Now has color coded usernames (blue = ally, orange = enemy)
  6. Fixed bug where player was unable to chat after a command wheel was closed
  7. Added an indicator for maximum chat message length
  8. Fixed chat messages not wrapping correctly
  9. Moved custom game code box to be less prominent
  10. Reworked styling for gun, ability, and item crafting UI
  11. Force field fence now takes 10 seconds to build instead of 2
  12. Moved the position of the “custom game lobby” UI to the lower right corner of the Play tab in Main Menu
  13. Reworked weapon modding system
    1. Weapon barrels are now called Frames
    2. Frames have a set of compatible Cores
      1. Some weapons, like the shotgun and sniper frames, currently only have the Revolver Core available to them. We will be adding new Cores soon.
    3. Cores have a set of compatible Magazines
    4. Re-balanced a lot of ammo and rate of fire stats
    5. We are adding more Magazines and Cores soon. We realize that a lot of weapons got removed from the game in this patch.
    6. New art assets for ALL WEAPON FRAMES AND MODS are coming soon
    7. Minor improvements to net-code and gunplay. Expect a full net-code rework soon
  14. Fixed bug where mouse focus is lost when the gun modding UI appears immediately after spawning before the HUD is added
  15. Fixed clipping issue with jack o lantern helmets
  16. Fixed bug where lobbies would mess up what loadout the player had selected
  17. Added upgrade tiers for Constructor Matrix
  18. Fixed various bugs with mini-map
  19. Small improvements to resource terminal model
  20. Increased temporary buff from Armor Enhancer Panel to 5 armor for 30 seconds (was 1 armor)
  21. Added Damage Enhancer Panel fort object. Grants 20% damage buff while ally stands on it, gives a 10% buff for 30 seconds after leaving it.
  22. Created “Damage Buff” Jungle minion.
  23. Increased “metal reward for killing” for all Buff minions to 120 (was 100)

Thanks for reading another week of patch notes. Most of the development team is traveling this week, so we won’t be able to play with you on Wednesday, October 30th. We hope you have a fun playtest without us. We’ll watch all your live streams on Twitch under the Revn category!