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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By November 4, 2019No Comments

Most of the dev team was traveling last week, so this will be a smaller patch than normal. But we didn’t want to miss a patch, so here’s what we’ve got:

  1. New model for Damage Enhancer Panel
  2. Fixed bug where auto-record replay setting would create an “empty” player in the lobby
  3. Increased rogue AI and minion shield recharge delay to 5 seconds (was 1 second)
  4. Increased size of ability icons in HUD.
  5. Moved position of drone tether display.
  6. Improved appearance of loadout editor UI.
  7. New auxiliary mod slot for weapons.
    1. Currently, only the Constrictor auxiliary mod is available (and only for shotguns)
  8. Improved net-code for weapons reloading / firing.
  9. Solved bug where minions would continue firing weapons after being killed
  10. Added a basic chat profanity filter
  11. Crafting UI appearance improvements

See you Wednesday for the playtest!