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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By November 11, 2019No Comments

We’ve got a new patch for Revn! It adds minion waves, a new dodge mechanic, and many bug fixes. Unfortunately, we had to disable the cosmetics UI and store while we upgrade our server capabilities and back-end.

Here’s the full patch notes:

  1. Added more controller keybinds
  2. Reworked scope glass material
  3. Increased metal cost of constrictor auxiliary mod for shotguns
  4. Reworked fort repair / demolish UI / UX for drones. Instead of LMB to select a fort, use Q / F to repair / demolish whatever you are looking at while using drone.
  5. Added health + mana regen volumes to spawn area in shooting range
  6. Increased metal cost of Damage Booster (and upgrade costs) from (50,100,200,300,400) to (100,200,300,400,500)
  7. Added a Dodge mechanic, press Left Alt to dodge in the direction you are walking. Dodge has a 2 second cooldown
  8. Increased standard magazine ammo to 30 (was 25)
  9. Created full auto and semi auto cores and standard magazine and quick mag for shotgun frame
  10. Fixed bug where clients would not cancel their recall when taking damage
  11. Improved net code for character movement
  12. Improved animation blending for all animations
  13. Added minion waves to the middle lane in City Map
  14. Added new Incendiary Rounds ability
  15. Removed Poison Rounds and Puncturing Rounds passive items from the game
  16. Increased radius of proximity mine trigger, and increased its damage
  17. Ability tooltips now show cooldown and duration lengths.
  18. Incendiary Rounds and Damage Overload have better descriptions with actual stats included for how much damage it deals, etc
  19. Added auto text wrapping to ability / passive item tooltips.
  20. Added detailed stat descriptions for orbital strike and dash abilities
  21. Decreased Metal Reward for killing basic Rogue AI to 60 (was 100)
  22. Nexus taking damage now triggers a voiceline alert
  23. Capsule Collider height now adjusts when characters crouch
  24. Added Burst Rifle weapon frame
  25. Disabled the Cosmetics Customization UI while we upgrade our servers and back-end
  26. Performance optimizations for character movement logic
  27. Removed the starter passive items, instead increased starter metal inventory to 1200 (was 1000)
  28. Fixed bug where Constructor Matrix doesn’t give metal while player is using drone. Built lighting