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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By November 18, 2019No Comments

You asked for it. You asked for it again. And now we’ve done it. Horde mode is here. Is it polished? Nope. Is it balanced? Nope. But its here. Depending on popularity and how many bugs it has, Horde may be a limited time mode. We will be balancing items and abilities around the standard 5v5 mode in City Map, while Horde mode will be a casual PvE format.

Here’s all the changes in Update

  1. Reworked the overhead health bars
  2. Increased projectile speed for minion assault rifles to 3600 (was 2000)
  3. Fixed bug where if the drone was focused on a building, recalled to pilot, and pilot was also looking at that building, the pilot would be prompted to press F to demolish
  4. Fixed bug where players spawned with 200 shields and 300 health if they didn’t have any items equipped
  5. Added a horde mode. VERY early prototype.
  6. Pistol effective range increased to 50 (was 40).
  7. Carbine / SMG effective range increased to 70 (was 60)
  8. Fixed UI names, metal costs, and added detailed description with stat numbers to Lifesteal Augment
  9. Armor for all fort objects reduced to 10 (turrets were 5, so they were increased to 10 armor). Turret health increased to 300 (was 200)
  10. Reduced fire rate for Full Auto Shotguns
  11. Fixed issues where lag / high ping would let client players equip a shotgun frame without equipping the shotgun required magazines.
  12. Added a limit of 20 turrets per team
  13. New player built object, Force Field Gate. Can only be walked through by ally characters

We’ll have our regular community playtests on Wednesday and Saturday at 7:00 PM EST. See you there!