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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update 0.6.0

By November 26, 2019No Comments

Alpha Milestone 6 is here! We’ve achieved our goals for loadouts and a weapon rework. Sadly, replays proved to be buggier than we’d hoped, so they are being removed until we can dedicate more time to fixing them.

This patch adds a lot of features to the game, so be sure to read more below.

  1. New AI for minion waves. Agro will be much more consistent
  2. Improved AI for Rogue AI camps
  3. New Cosmetics UI and Cosmetics Store UI
  4. Increased rate of fire for Burst Rifle
  5. Disabled Replays system until we can fix some major bugs
  6. Removed the Minion Factory from the game
  7. Increased metal cost of Demolition Implant
  8. New art assets for all weapons. Some guns use duplicate art as a placeholder until we rig the rest of the models. Scopes will float until we model new scopes that work with our new system
  9. Improved Main Menu UI
  10. Loadout Browser will select a loadout by default
  11. Improved HUD UI for healthbars, shields, etc
  12. Removed ELO tooltip from player listings in lobby roster
  13. Added sentry turrets to City Map. These turrets will protect your base and provide a buffer against rushing in early game
  14. New gun Core mods
    1. Bolt Action core
    2. Semi Auto core for Pistols
  15. Updated loading screen with art
  16. Reworked poison status to ignore shields and armor. Adjusted damage of Poison Cloud Grenade ability. Renamed poison cloud grenade to “toxin grenade”
  17. Created new Flash Bang Grenade
    1. Doesn’t have upgrade tiers yet because we need to see how powerful it is
  18. Reworked Poison Dart ability to deal increased damage, has a faster projectile speed, and more consistent duration and cooldown
  19. New character armor skin – Ogre Armor. Can be purchased for 1000 Coins in the new Store

The community playtests this week will be on Wednesday and Saturday at 7:00 PM EST. Additionally, we will be playing all day on Sunday, December 1st as part of a special streamer event through