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Patch Notes

Patch Notes for Update

By December 3, 2019No Comments
  1. New passive item, Dexterity, grants increased reload speed, movement speed, and weapon equip speed
  2. Flash bang grenade damage reduced to 1 (was 10). Created upgrade tiers that increase the duration. Changed the Blinded Status to darken screen instead of brighten it.
  3. Renamed Skimmer Boost to Rush, fixed upgrade tiers
  4. Carbine Weapon rate of fire increased to 700 (was 600)
  5. Add detailed description for weapon damage booster item
  6. New UI in Profile page for Recent Matches and Match Details
  7. Fixed bugs with color wheel in customization menu
  8. Added a Full Auto Core for pistols
  9. New Force Gate art asset
  10. Improved shader for fort building previews
  11. Added Semi Auto Core and Standard Magazine for Sniper Frame
  12. Removed Minion Health Booster from game
  13. New ability, Sentry Turret
  14. Nexus Turrets now toggle their hitboxes when they agro on enemies
  15. New cosmetics added
  16. Removed playtest countdown from Main Menu
  17. Horde mode no longer affects ELO or rewards Coins. Still gives Mastery XP
  18. Fixed bugs with Blood Splatter HUD VFX
  19. Lowered minion movement speed to 350 (was 500)
  20. Rocket Launcher Core will now use a rocket mesh for its projectile
  21. Improved performance dramatically
  22. Time before first minion wave reduced to 2 minutes (was 3 minutes). Horde mode time reduced to 1 minute (was 3)