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Dev Blog 41: Meta Analysis for New Map

By August 31, 2020October 4th, 2020No Comments

In this developer blog, we will analyze how Revn’s new map, District, has impacted some match statistics.

Match Length

On average, matches last 9 minutes longer, compared to the last month of City map before District was released. On the old map, matches averaged 23 minutes and 35 seconds, while the new map averages 33 minutes and 23 seconds.

Metal Gathered

Players are collecting more resources in District. The average player gathered 8,980 Metal in City, and now gathers 11,409 per match. That means our typical Revenant has 2428 extra Metal to upgrade with.


Kills and deaths are an easy way to measure how much conflict and team fighting happens in a match. Players averaged 5 kills each on City, and now that statistic has increased to 9 kills per player per match.

Minion Kills

Finally, one of the biggest changes we’ve seen in match data after moving to the new map has been minion kills. Each player averages 32 more minion kills, compared to City Map. This results in more resources per player, and a more engaging laning phase for each match.

Fortress Building

Fortress building has stayed about the same in City and District maps. There has been a slight increase (+8 more structures per match) in construction, but we anticipate these numbers to change more significantly after Milestone 11 implements a new resource system for building defenses.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this breakdown of how Revn’s new map has changed the game, and maybe you’ve learned something too!