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We’re approaching the end of Milestone 11! In this update, we’ve added Structure Damage, and a new Shock Grenade ability.

New Content

  1. Ability – Shock Grenade – stuns enemies within a splash radius

Stat Changes

  1. Mid lane Towers now deal 100 damage instead of 150 like the other Towers
  2. Weapons now deal 20% of damage at Max Range instead of 1 Damage
  3. Critical Striker now increases Bonus Critical Damage by (50, 55, 60, 65, 70%) was (+50% for all tiers).
  4. Forts now take Structure Damage instead of regular damage.
    1. Structure Damage is not affected by Bonus Weapon Damage, Armor Piercing, or any other stats.
    2. Structure Health can still be protected by Armor, which is immune to weapon armor piercing stats.
    3. All weapons have a new Structure Damage stat.
    4. Grenades and Orbital Strike deal Structure Damage

Bug Fixes

  1. Dying now cancels any prepped abilities.
  2. Fixed Bug – Grenades can be thrown after a character dies if prepped before dying.
  3. Fixed bug causing Revn to crash if Discord desktop app was not running
  4. Fixed UI names for Puncturing rounds (Was missing Roman Numerals)
  5. Fixed bug, screen shake from gun fire would affect nearby players
  6. Solved bug where hitting Reload while automatically reloading after running out of ammo, causes a double reload bug
  7. Casting Wrist Rocket now cancels reloading. Solves some animation-canceling bugs.
  8. All dart / rocket type abilities now cancel reloading when cast
  9. Grenade abilities now cancel reloading when cast
  10. Fixed bug – Casting Stun Charge while shooting does not cancel shooting
  11. Fixed rotation of the Heavy Minion right hand socket so he doesn’t hold guns upside down anymore


  1. Removed “Position Icon” from Lobby Player listings
  2. Icon for Critical Striker
  3. Renamed DPS Starter Kit -> Ambusher Starter Kit
  4. Updated crafting tags on all abilities
  5. Status Effect display in HUD is now larger with duration timers ABOVE the icons instead of OVERLAYED.
  6. Lobbies now enable Revenant Bots by default
  7. Cosmetics Promo Code redemption UI now has a blurred background and a border to prevent clicking on other parts of the UI behind it. Also added a “Cancel” button.
  8. Gear tool tips now show Critical Hit Rate and Bonus Critical Hit Damage stats for items.
  9. Crafting UI filters are now dynamic. Only relevant tags will be shown that apply to abilities that are in a player’s loadout.
    1. Changing crafting tabs (selecting Items or Abilities tab) will now reset the Selected Crafting Tags, to avoid a bug where players could select a tag like Deployable in the Abilities tab, then switch to items, where there are no Deployable tagged Items, and they would not see the option to de-select the Tag
  10. Dying will “un-scope” player so the player can see the death animation
  11. Small improvements to District map block-out