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We are very excited to release our first new starter skin, Hornet! Some of her cloth physics and animations are still work-in-progress. We are in the middle of overhauling our animation and character skin system, so players can expect improvements to all skins and animations in the next few weeks. In the meantime, legacy skins and helmets may become temporarily unavailable.

New Content

  1. Charged Accelerator (item) – Ability Power and Cooldown Reduction
  2. Ionic Coating (item) – Energy Resistance and Armor
  3. Revenants have new default appearance, “Hornet”
    1. Additional, reworked, “starter skins” are coming soon (Spider and Locust)

Stat Changes

  1. Heat Ray – Burning Damage per Second reduced to (30, 40, 50, 60, 70) was (100, 110, 120, 130, 140)
  2. Ability Power Synergy added to the following abilities
    1. Energy Transfer now transfers bonus Energy (+100% Ability Power)
    2. Orbital Strike now deals bonus damage from Ability Power
    3. Healing Aura
    4. Healing Dart
    5. Rally
    6. Sentry Turret
    7. Grenades


  1. Ability Power crafting tag added
  2. Renamed item, Damage Booster -> Damage Coils
  3. Renamed item, Cooldown Reducer -> Accelerator
  4. Icons for Power Amplifier and Overcharged Cells items
  5. Changed icon for Energy Generator (was lightning bolt, now is a battery)
  6. Renamed item, Critical Lifesteal -> Targeted Lifesteal
  7. Critical Hit crafting tag added
  8. Renamed item, Shredding Clip -> Shredding Rounds
  9. Renamed item, Demolition Implant -> Boring Rounds
  10. Renamed item, Critical Overload -> Targeted Rounds
  11. Renamed item, Vital Plating -> Reinforced Weave
  12. Performance improvements for some character skins
  13. Updating text above Target Dummies. Added Energy Resistance target dummies to shooting range.
  14. Shooting range map now has +10000 Ichor and Metal income (was +100).
  15. Revenant Bots can no longer spawn in Shooting Range map