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New Content

  1. Shockwave ability now has SFX
  2. Added a “practice wall” to shooting range (respawns a few seconds after being destroyed)

Stat Changes

  1. Stun Charge, Viper Rounds, and Incendiary Rounds now automatically reload weapon to full ammo when cast
  2. Increased maximum cooldown reduction to 50% (was 45%). Character stats panel now clamps the display of cooldown reduction stat to 50%

Bug Fixes

  1. Stun Charge, Incendiary Rounds, and Viper Rounds now prevent reloading while being channeled
  2. Fixed bug where Heat Ray VFX was not replicated to clients
  3. Dodging and launching the drone at the same time no longer bugs out the character
  4. Fixed bug – Revenant Bots would not buy items


  1. Improvements to Shooting Range
  2. Improvements to District map