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Hello Revenants,

Welcome to another Alpha Milestone Roadmap. This roadmap is focused on polishing Revn in new ways. We’ve been focusing on gameplay and mechanics for a while, but it’s time to turn our attention to the visual and audio aspects of Revn. We’re also improving the new player experience, with a new tutorial system and changes to Skill Rating.

During this milestone you can expect to see a greater focus on the improvement of Revn’s look and feel. Of course, this does not mean we’ll be ignoring the meta. We will continue updating items and abilities, and you can follow along in our patch notes and weekly Reveal Streams.

Ability VFX and SFX

One of our goals is to add VFX and SFX to all of the abilities in Revn. This will improve clarity during battles, as players will have clear indications when abilities are used.

Skill Rating Changes

Player skill rating is being adjusted. The thresholds for each rank have been lowered, with the lowest possible skill rating being 0.

The skill rating system as a whole has been shifted to accommodate this change, with skill rating 1200+ being grandmaster. All in all this should make progression feel more meaningful as you climb from the dredges of silver and bronze to the next rank every 200 points. The way this works out you should notice very little change in the rate you progress compared to the current build, we’re just scaling down some of the numbers so the ranks make more sense.

  • 0-200 = Bronze 
  • 200-400 = Silver
  • 400-600 = Gold
  • 600-800 = Platinum
  • 800-1000 = Diamond
  • 1000-1200 = Master
  • 1200+ = Grandmaster

Quality of Life

 This milestone is also going to involve the rolling out of multiple quality of life changes for both new and existing players. We’ll be adding icons for all status effects, a party system to make it easier to play with friends, and a long overdue “undo” button in the shop. Sticking with the theme of improvement, we’re also going to be reworking our audio system and adding new music.

Training Hub

One thing in particular I’m excited about in this milestone is the upcoming Training Hub, this is going to be a set of tutorials with the aim of explaining different game mechanics to new players. I personally had a hand in designing these so I’ll be looking for your feedback. We want Revn to be as accessible as possible to players of all backgrounds and skill calibers.

Capstone Items

One change we’re expecting to see shake up the meta in this Milestone is the addition of capstone items. These are items with really powerful effects that are going to help further your build and play style. These items are going to be quite expensive with the goal being that purchasing one feels like a significant boost to your power level. You can expect to see capstone items make a slow and steady introduction over the course of the milestone while we finish up more that’ll need to be fine tuned a bit more.

New Starter Skins

Another piece of polish coming to Revn in this milestone will be some new skins. We’ve been working on these for a while now and everyone here is stoked to see how they look in action. All players will have access to three starter skins, Spider, Hornet, and Locust. 

Thank you for being a part of our development journey. We look forward to your feedback!

Allister & the Ambitious Games team