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New Content

  1. Item – Piercing Accelerator – Grants energy penetration and cooldown reduction
  2. Item – Energy Shredder – Grants flat energy penetration, percentage energy penetration, and a small amount of ability power

Stat Changes

  1. Energy recycler now grants +1 energy at each rank

Bug Fixes

  1. Ally towers will no longer lock on to a player attacking an enemy under their tower
  2. Energy penetration will now be properly applied on splash damage
  3. Energy penetration can now properly increase your minimum damage
  4. Angel boss orb will now disappear when it is collected


  1. Added gameplay menu setting to enable quick cast on all abilities
  2. SFX for energy transfer
  3. SFX for stun charge
  4. SFX for incendiary rounds
  5. SFX for flamethrower
  6. Tons of new map assets