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New Content

  1. New SFX for taking Terminals
  2. New art and assets in pipe lane

Balance Changes

  1. Minions (wave and jungle) will now give Ichor reward to whoever the last player was to damage them
  2. Minion farming (wave minions) reworked – last player to deal damage within 5 seconds of minion death now receives the Ichor reward, even if they didn’t land the killing shot
  3. Fixed Medic Implant giving the wrong amount of CDR it now scales 3, 6, 9, 12, 15
  4. Most guns were updated to the new recoil system


HOTFIX (2022-05-18)

New Content

  1. Sentry Turret ability has a casting animation now
  2. SFX when terminals are captured
  3. New environment art assets around the map
  4. Tower shield VFX

Balance changes

  1. Exploding barrels in map no longer deal friendly fire. Added warning circle for 0.25 second before they explode

Bug Fixes

  1. Casting Smash ability will now cancel reloading
  2. Casting Healing Burst cancels reloading and now has a short cast time
  3. Casting Rage ability cancels reloading
  4. Fixed reload animations not playing
  5. Potential bug fix for certain player skins not having the correct hitbox in multiplayer
  6. Fixed default reticule flashing bug when switching back from Dual Wield