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New Content

  1. New props and textures added around the map
  2. New VFX for tower aggro
  3. New SFX play when a player approaches an already captured terminal
  4. New VFX on minion kills – they now spray ichor out the wazoo when you kill them
  5. New Main Menu Music

Balance Changes

  1. Heal Burst – now has a micro cast time in order to prevent animation cancelling with it
  2. Boring Rounds – Armor Pen reduced to (6/13/20/27/34) from (13/21/29/37/45). Cost increased to (300/400/500/600/700) from (200/300/400/500/600)
  3. Wrist Rocket – Splash Damage increased to (220/240/260/280/300) from (200/220/230/240/250). Direct hit damage increased to (130/160/190/220/250) from (100/110/120/130/140)
  4. Rally – Lots and lots of changes
    1. Decreased Passive Heal to (12/14/16/18/20) from (20/30/40/50/60)
    2. Increased Energy Cost to (60) from (50)
    3. Increased Cooldown to (30/29/28/27/26) from (30/28/26/24/22)
    4. Increased Ichor Cost to (400/550/700/850/1000) from (400/500/600/700/800)
    5. The Energy Regen Buff on Rally no longer applies to the caster

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the roll glitch
  2. Fixed Hitboxes on most skins (further live testing needed to confirm if rex and tyrant are fixed)
  3. Various abilities will now cancel reloads when cast