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New Content

  1. Footstep SFX
  2. Angel Hover Animation

Balance Changes

  1. Move Speed Gear – spec lowered to (.5) from (.8)
  2. Energy Resist Gear spec – lowered to (1.4) from (2)
  3. Incendiary Rounds – Weapon Damage scaling increased to (100%) from (50%)
  4. Super Minion – HP increased to (10,000) from (8,000)
  5. Super Minion – Armor increased to (90) from (60)
  6. Core – AoE attack damage reduced to (7% Max HP) from (10% Max HP)
  7. Hunter Boss – Ichor reward increased to (1,500) from (1,000) per player
  8. Respawn Timers – Respawn Timers will now max out at (60s) previously they would max out at (40s)
  9. Respawn Timers – will now increase at a rate of (2s per 1 minute) previously (1s per 1 minute)
  10. Player Move Speed – Player MS while aiming and crouching will be capped at (200)
  11. Player Move Speed – Player MS while walking or hip firing will be capped at (340)
  12. Player Move Speed – Sprint Speeds will remain uncapped
  13. Recoil Adjustments – Revolver and Assault Rifle recoil reduced

Upcoming Events

  1. Server Stress Test – Patch 0.15.20 will be the patch that we play on for the upcoming Server Stress Test running from June 10th till June 12th during and after this period REVN account creation will remain open, during the stress test weekend players will be able to use code WKND10 to get a free 1,000 credits of in game currency to spend on ability unlocks. Our regular playtesting will also continue on Tuesdays at 12PM EST and Wednesday at 7PM EST.