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Hello Everyone this weeks patch notes are a little different since we pushed a patch on Friday. We also released several hotfixes for the playtesting that took place over the weekend. As a result the 0.15.21 Patch Notes will include both the patch from Friday which we played on this weekend and the hot fixes from this weekends testing along with tonight’s hot fix.

New Content

  1. The bodies of players now ragdoll if they are killed in mid-air
  2. Chilling Blast VFX
  3. Turret Spawn VFX
  4. Orbital Strike VFX

Balance Changes

  1. Allied jump pads will no longer be able to launch enemy players (Jump Pads are not currently in the live version of the game, but re-introduction is planned after further testing)
  2. Anti Energy Vitality – was (45/65/85/105/125) now (14/28/42/56/70) energy resist
  3. Energy Resistor – was (65/85/105/125/145) now (20/40/60/80/100) energy resist
  4. Ionic Coating – was (40/50/60/70/80) now (8/16/24/32/40) energy resist
  5. Static Field – was (45/65/85/105/125) now (14/28/42/56/70) energy resist
  6. Sniper Rifle – Recoil reset speed decreased (handling buff)

Bug Fixes

  1. Dead players can no longer capture terminals with their corpse
  2. Dead players can no longer cast abilities while in a ragdoll state
  3. Fixed bug – Mouse cursor getting hidden during Movement Training Module if the module was completed quickly (under 30 seconds)
  4. Fixed a bug allowing you to Jetpack after death letting your body fall under the map resetting death timer.
  5. Fixed a bug with Mercury Plate V displaying as Mercury Plate VI in UI