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New Content

  1. Bunches and bunches of flavor text – view in the details of abilities in the Shop in Main Menu!

Balance Changes

  1. Minion move speed increased from 400 to 425
  2. Flamethrower energy cost reduced from 10 to 7
  3. Flamethrower base damage increased from (50/55/60/65/70) to (55/60/65/70/75)
  4. Control Resist gear spec reduced from 2 per gear lvl to 1 per gear lvl – was (2%-80%) now (1%-40%)
  5. Jetpack no longer takes time to refuel and now instantly refills the fuel when the cooldown finishes

Bug Fixes

  1. No more floating guns in the lobby
  2. Less wonky physics on skins when previewing them
  3. Fixed the typo in red camps buff
  4. Weapons should no longer just float around in the map