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New Content

  1. New (and improved) lobby music
  2. SFX for terminals captured by enemies
  3. Some new HUD elements including improved reload display and improved kill feed for readability

Balance Changes

  1. Weapon Power Gear Spec reduced from (1) to (.5)
  2. Increased player sprint speed from (1.93x) to (2x)
  3. Dash no longer allows vertical movements (not quite a bug fix more so patching an unintended interaction)
  4. Sniper Range reduced from (400m) to (300m)
  5. Minion waves – spawn 33% faster, HP scaling per wave reduced by 25%, Damage scaling per wave reduced 31%
  6. Lifesteal Augment – Cost increased from (450/550/650/750/850) to (550/650/750/850/950)
  7. Targeted Lifesteal – Lifesteal reduced from (3/6/9/12/15%) to (4/6/8/10/12%)
  8. Lightweight Ammo – Ichor cost reduced from (400/700/1000/1300/1600) to (400/500/600/700/800)

QoL & Bug Fixes

  1. Improved toxin grenade VFX fading
  2. Jetpack SFX and VFX no longer remain for players who died while using it
  3. Players can no longer fly vertically with jetpack while recalling
  4. Orbital strike now cancels reloading
  5. Loadouts no longer get stuck in a saving loop
  6. Players can now use chat while dead
  7. Fixed weapons’ being unequipped on spawn
  8. Rally VFX will no longer linger on dead players
  9. Terminal light colors now properly return to neutral when it becomes uncapped
  10. Main menu FPS limit