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New Content

  1. New small prop models around the map – includes new trash, and new vines and foliage in garden area
  2. Delta Strike VFX (this time for real)
  3. Updated Shockwave VFX
  4. Heal Burst VFX
  5. Teleport channeling animation
  6. Energy Transfer VFX

Balance Changes

  1. Incendiary Shot – Energy cost increased from (15) to (17)
  2. Assassin Edge – Passive WP reduced from (25/35/45/55/65) to (25/33/41/49/57)
  3. Core HP lowered from (15,000) to (12,000)
  4. Ongoing jetpack adjustments

Bug Fixes

  1. Damage Coils item passive now works as intended
  2. Fixed a bug causing loadouts to not auto equip
  3. Several Bug fixes pertaining to the stats offered on life steal items
  4. Sentry Turret will now target training dummies in practice mode
  5. Status effects should properly disappear after their duration
  6. Assassin Edge intrinsic WP tier 5 value fixed